You deserve to thrive

Empowering high level athletes

We empower high level athletes

Why are we empowering high level athletes?

We recognise through conversations with current and former athletes, there is a need for an independent service to be there for athletes when struggling becomes too much

We understand you are a human first, an athlete second and we recognise when the human thrives, the athlete thrives

We exist purely to help you thrive

Encouraging you to speak openly without the fear of being judged

Unlike physical issues, others can’t see your mental issues but by empowering you to speak up within our safe and non-judgemental space, you give yourself a great chance to overcome your issues and move on quickly through our coaching

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that builds awareness, empowers choice and leads to unlocking a person’s potential leading to change

What principles are your coaching based on?

  • All actions are carried out with positive intentions
  • People change all the time and this process is inevitable
  • A person has the ability to resolve their own issues if they approach them with an open mind
  • Your map of the world isn’t right or wrong but just is
  • Coaching seeks to keep ownership of issues and challenges with the individual
  • Where you are today is a culmination of your life experiences. From today you will be able to choose to think and behave differently and have different experiences

What makes a good coach?

  • Has developed personal qualities: observation, active listening, emotional stability, accountability, balance, calm
  • Is welcoming of people’s personalities without judgement
  • Has an open mind to learning new concepts and perspectives
  • Has the ability to take action
  • Possesses the quality of self-improvement

Are there alternatives to coaching

  • Therapy – Therapy is working with the client who seeks relief from psychological or physical symptoms and deals with the client’s mental health. Coaching deals with the client’s mental growth
  • Training – The trainer by definition is the expert, and the training course is likely to be targeted on specific skills for immediate results
  • Consultancy – A consultant provides expertise and solves business problems, or develops a business as a whole. A consultant deals with the overall organisation or specific parts of it and not individuals within it
  • Teaching – Teaching passes knowledge from teacher to student. The teacher knows something the student does not. The opposite is true in coaching. The client is the expert and the client has the answers, not the coach
  • Mentoring – Mentoring is when a senior colleague, seen as more knowledgeable and worldly wise gives advice and provides a role model. A mentor is a sponsor with great professional experience in their client’s field of work
  • Counselling – Counselling is working with a client who feels uncomfortable, or dissatisfied with their life. They are seeking guidance and advice

What misconceptions are there about coaching?

  • Coaches solve their client’s problems for them
  • Coaching is the soft option
  • Coaching is a way to fix people
  • Coaching is a substitute for good management

Why discreet 1-2-1 coaching?

To draw the best out of you, we need to focus solely on you. Group coaching creates distractions for you and your coach, meaning there’s a loss of communication and understanding. We want to understand you to coach you

Can I quit at any time and get a refund?

No. we won’t allow you to quit. You started the journey for a reason. We don’t regress. We won’t quit on you. We move forward with purpose

How much does it cost?

The fee will be discussed on your discovery call

How Do I pay the fee?

The process will be explained on your discovery call

How do I get started?

Click the button to book your discovery call

What is coaching like?

You are the focal point of all coaching and if you’re not used to feeling valued, understood and motivated, coaching can feel strange yet rewarding at the same time. 

High level athletes trust us because we get results like this….

“MY WELLBEING IS 100% BETTER. I’ve tried sports psychologists, I’ve read over 15 self-improvement books, I’m constantly trying to understand my mind and the minds of those who are successful, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned from working with Mike is that my biggest asset is myself and I can tap into that without any special tactics or interventions when I let go of the habits and social constructs I’ve aligned myself with

Pro basketball player

“I’ve never experienced coaching like this before? Mostly in books I’ve read they give you techniques like visualisation, positive self-talk and body language etc which I find useful, but in this program I actually get to know who I am and what I stand for: I’ve started to realise what are the things that distract me, and the people who negatively influence me. I’ve actually learned to be aware of my thoughts

Football (soccer) player – Finland

Definitely since I first spoke to you I haven’t felt any negative thoughts or anxiety completely at all which is fantastic!”

Football player – UK

“I expected a better personal performance but nothing this drastic! This is the first time in my 10-plus-year career I’ve scored 20 points and not missed a single shot.”

Pro Basketball Player – UK

“I am continuing to apply the technique without much thought needed. “I won my first ever MVP!”

Soccer player – USA

“Yes, can definitely recommend with golfers or other sportsmen, it can help anybody improve in their sport”

Pro golfer – UK

“The amount I’ve improved the last month is CRAZY! Your help is honestly incredible”

esports FIFA Pro – UK

You deserve success in your sport

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Jamell Anderson – Leicester Riders

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