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Elite Sports Minds 23 understands sometimes an athlete needs to speak with an independent professional to find ways to improve wellbeing and performance

You can achieve results like this…

“I’ve never experienced coaching like this before? Mostly in books I’ve read they give you techniques like visualisation, positive self-talk and body language etc which I find useful, but in this program I actually get to know who I am and what I stand for: I’ve started to realise what are the things that distract me, and the people who negatively influence me. I’ve actually learned to be aware of my thoughts

Football (soccer) player – Finland

Definitely since I first spoke to you I haven’t felt any negative thoughts or anxiety completely at all which is fantastic!”

Football player – UK

“I expected a better personal performance but nothing this drastic! This is the first time in my 10-plus-year career I’ve scored 20 points and not missed a single shot.”

Pro Basketball Player – UK

“I am continuing to apply the technique without much thought needed. “I won my first ever MVP!”

Soccer player – USA

“Yes, can definitely recommend with golfers or other sportsmen, it can help anybody improve in their sport”

Pro golfer – UK

“The amount I’ve improved the last month is CRAZY! Your help is honestly incredible”

esports FIFA Pro – UK

“You changed my life/mind completely and helped me find the motivation to continue to do ‘X’ and change the whole thing to Esports”

CEO and Founder of Social Media Company, Croatia
You deserve success in your sport

There’s still not enough being done for professional athletes mental wellbeing

Elite Sports Minds 23 believes every professional athlete should have access to the right support at the right time

When we work together we will form a purposeful plan. We combine premium level coaching with the latest software developed by a medal winning olympian that’s used today with Olympic level athletes

You deserve to move forward with confidence

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Jamell Anderson – Leicester Riders

Did you notice he looked at his wrist before shooting? Find out why by clicking here