Women’s football is going places!

The thing is women’s football hasn’t just appeared! It’s been around for a long time but last night at an event that included insights from the Manchester United women’s manager Casey Stoney, The England assistant manger Bev Priestman, City manager Nick Cushing and city player Matilde Fidalgo, I learned the women’s game needs some support.

A passionate insight from Stoney focusing on more sport needs to be inserted into the primary curriculum was met with rounds of applause.

I too understand the value and power of using sports as a vehicle for education and learning yet it seems the value and power isn’t yet on a par with other subjects.

Priestman offered her insights of working with Phil Neville and how the two bring different insights to the team, Priestman more about the details and Phil about connecting with the players. It was great to hear how that relationship allows the players to be comfortable and valued at the same time.

Nick told some great stories, I won’t repeat them here, and he passionately talked about making small improvements and striving towards helping the game gain more exposure.

Matilde talked about the British game compared with the Portuguese game, saying the British women’s game here is ahead which was something that allowed her decision to come and play in England.

I was privileged to listen to their stories and insights and was grateful for their listening ear to my ideas around improving performance by a small margin that could help their players.

I have a deeper understanding of the women’s game now and know there are some right people in the right places.

Bev Priestman – England Assistant Coach. So humble yet knowledgeable

By Mike Nichols

when the person thrives, the professional thrives

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