Is it too late to find your self worth in professional football?

There’s a very big difference between self worth and self belief and when it comes to professional football, your self worth is much more important than your self belief and let me tell you why.

Self belief is an inner confidence in your ability to play football at the level you play. You believe you can play at this level because, quite simply, you are playing at that level so the self belief is self fulfilling.

But what about self worth? This begs the question ‘what are you worth?’

Is your self worth the salary you command, the sponsorship deals you are offered or the extrinsic rewards that come your way?

The only way to really understand your self worth is when things are going wrong.

When things begin to go wrong for you, your self belief will be the first to go.

No longer do others trust you to score goals or defend like a warrior.

No longer are you in the rotation because a new player has taken your place.

Your belief that you were once worthy has diminished and replaced with self doubt.

Now here things get interesting.

Your self worth is not a reflection of your self belief but rather an intrinsic feeling of your ability to give back to others.

Think about this now.

Players that squander money are often left feeling unfulfilled because they are seeking something.

They are seeking a sense of self worth but focus on thinking the money, the fame, the big house, the cars and the attention from strangers, will fill that void.

Little do they know that when they begin to give back, their feeling of self worth will grow.

Would you rather wait for things to go wrong before you connect with your self worth or would you rather connect with your self worth now while you are receiving a healthy salary and other extrinsic rewards?

Please comment and leave me your thoughts

By Mike Nichols

when the person thrives, the professional thrives

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