Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard

I’m sure your familiar with this phrase and it’s connotations but for the uninitiated let me share this.

Over the years I’ve competed, coached and observed, I’ve seen talented players play below their potential and I’ve seen hard working players out player ‘better’ players.

I’m sure you can think of one or two players that match these thoughts?

With such a statement there must be be questions raised

How does hard work out play talent?

Why do talented players fail to meet expectations

Is it a fair comparison?

Of course the statement is a generalisation because it’s not true in all cases.

There are players who work hard but don’t have the physical, technical or mental strength to do well, even against a talented player.

I recall one such player on my basketball team. He worked his socks off in training but he just didn’t have what it took to compete at the level expected of him.

He was a great guy and his work ethic was admired by us.

As a player reading this let me ask you this…

You have a level of talent. You have a level of work you’re willing to put into games and training.

Are you giving your level of talent the best chance to meet its potential by working as hard as you can


Are you working as hard as you can because you believe your talent is limited?

Please comment…

By Mike Nichols

when the person thrives, the professional thrives

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