The hard truth about the business of football

Players and coaches are assets

When a team is losing, the assets lose value

The assets are then considered for a trade, replaced or let go

The marketplace is saturated with players so its a case of survival of the fittest

So what happens to those ‘losers’

We know 40% of players go bankrupt five years after leaving the game

We know mental health issues are on the increase


Loss of kudos
Loss of income
Loss of identity

Over the couple years or so I’ve spoken with people in the industry including players and leaders and realised something isn’t right, so I created a service for players and coaches that improves performance which in turn improves value.

But the service also tackles the issues I mentioned above from a new, fresh perspective.

I’m open to conversations with team owners, players and coaches around improving value and performance.

If you don’t like losing
If you want to remove frustrations
If you want your fortunes to change there is one thing you have to do…

Get in touch and let’s chat.

By Mike Nichols

when the person thrives, the professional thrives

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