Mental Heath – Do these three things now to remove frustration quickly

We all experience mental health and when we are in a good place, our mental health is good!

But how do we get to that good place and what’s it like when we are there?

I researched many articles, spoke to many people and there’s three things I have found that lead to good mental health

Not worrying about what others may think about you or your decisions – In this age of social media, people’s resilience has been lowered as has self-esteem, especially in the Millennial population. We’ve become a society of hanging on to other’s judgements of us and wonder why people don’t message us back, even when the two blue ticks in WhatsApp appear! Be patient and know life is much more than what happens on social media.

Do more of what you love to do – What is it that you really enjoy to do but are afraid of doing more of, just in case someone may criticise you? What is holding you back from making that move into doing more of what you do? Our minds are very powerful and sometimes to our own detriment as we try to justify a reason for doing what we enjoy doing. When you understand doing more of what you enjoy, brings happiness you will embrace it. When you make that decision, you’ll quickly understand who your real friends are.

Find a balance in your life – Imagine you have learned to juggle three balls. You’re pretty damn good at it. Suddenly, someone throws another ball at you, then another, then another! What happens? You feel overwhelmed and frustrated because the things you do in your life have suddenly increased and you can’t balance them all! When you learn to drop things that don’t bring value to your life, you will quickly accept a more balanced life.

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated?

What one thing can you drop from your life?

What one thing can you add to your life?

What one thing do you worry about doing through fear of being judged?

As a specialist in helping professional football players overcome their issues, I’d like to share the same strategies I use with them for you.

Comment below if you want to change something in your life.

By Mike Nichols

when the person thrives, the professional thrives

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