Inner Voice

Athletes – Stop worrying! Be awesome!

The thoughts from an athlete impact on their behaviour and approach to training and games and in team games, how they mould and fit into the concept of ‘team’

I’m fascinated by the way players don’t work as smart as their potential could allow, meaning they perform at a mediocre level at best.

They find a comfort in knowing they don’t have to excel to perform but in the same breathe they know they aren’t the worse on the team so mediocrity is a safe place to be.

I challenge this way of thinking.

If you settle for mediocrity, you’re being judged as such and team mates won’t have a reason to push themselves and when it comes to improving as a team, you need to be pushed to take your team to the next level.

If you’re not going to push yourself you may as well just sit your ass down

These behaviours start with self talk or the inner voice telling the mind to stay safe.

OK, perhaps some athletes like being safe and receiving a salary and staying out of the limelight, but cmon, it gets boring of you’re not challenging yourself or your teamates to improve!

Self talk is an art, internally say the right things in the right tone and good things will happen for you but few athletes understand the power of developing their mind.

They develop them physical and technical abilities over years without knowing their mental strength can grow really quickly in comparison.

I’ve given some tips as to how to approach self talk for athletes.

Please comment, share subscribe and help me reach more athletes that need a little support in improving.

Stay safe click here for the link


By Mike Nichols

when the person thrives, the professional thrives

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