The Founder

Mike’s Learning

Sports has provided Mike with opportunities, failures and successes, with many lessons being learned such as:

Overcoming adversity; at only 5′ 7″ he was voted the Most Valuable Player of the England U19 basketball team

Learning resilience; he was promised opportunities that ultimately led to nothing

The value of different perspectives; he took the principles from Emotional Intelligence and created the worlds first EQ program for footballers and basketball players

An open mind to learning new concepts and perspectives; having various coaches, he adapted his game and became a Division 1 All-Star


Jeet Kune Do was created by Bruce Lee, taking the most useful parts of other martial arts, removing the useless bits and adding some of his personality but he says he didn’t invent a new style, he create a new philosophy.

The practitioners of this martial art believe in minimal effort with maximum impact with extreme speed and eliminating wasteful movement.

In other words, removing the bullshit and using just the useful parts of other martial arts for quick results.

This method divided the people.

The purists were beside themselves. They believed no-one should take one martial art and mix it with another. It was unpure!

People with inquisitive and open minds to learning, embraced the philosophy.

Creating The NEAT System

All coaching is delivered using the NEAT System. A proven system that helps people around the world unlock their true potential.

Mike moulds his philosophy based on his sports experiences and the same principles of Jeet Kune Do.

The skills learned through training in NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness all have value and Mike understands a client needs solutions quickly and provides the truth and solutions quickly for his client.

Mike added his own flavour based on experiences and personality and created the NEAT System, a coaching methodology built around his professional training, experiences and passion to achieve positive lasting change in thinking and behaviour for his clients.

How Can You Benefit From The System?

The NEAT System will help you understand how to eliminate wasteful movement (communication and behaviour) and instil useful communication and behaviours for improved processes and outcomes.

How Can You Access The Programme?

Before you consider applying, Mike needs to know which side of the fence you sit on.

If you have a desire or need to improve or change, this is for you

If you have an open mind to learning new concepts and perspectives this is for you

If you know you can take action with support, this is for you

If you want results fast with ongoing support and learn how to leverage communication and behaviours, then Mike invites you to apply.

Mike has a wealth of experience to share with you:-
➡️ Over 30 years experience as a player, coach and director at high levels within basketball
➡️ Former MVP of the England U19 basketball team
➡️ NLP Master Practitioner | CBT Practitioner | Mindfulness Practitioner
➡️ Voted an All-Star in the English basketball league
➡️ Former elite athlete
➡️ Former elite coach
➡️ Former Training and Development Consultant
➡️ 10 years success as a mental performance coach

I’m sure you have questions so please book your call now and tell me what you want to know. You deserve to find out what you can achieve