What is it I do and how can this add value to you?

What is it I do and how can this add value to you?

I learned, to be great at something, it helps to be passionate about it.

In your line of work, you’ll be passionate or at least have a vested interest in what you do. If you don’t, I’d suggest thinking about changing your career!

It is this change that I’m at now.  My day job no longer inspires me nor does it satisfy my passions so I’m rebranding myself and allowing my passions and skills and training to be available for others for one to one discreet coaching and workshops on a more consistent basis.

In the evenings and weekends I put my energy into my passions.  Talking and sharing ideas around improving sports performance for individuals and teams.

The mind has fascinated me for some years now and in the last 9 years I’ve helped athletes and regular people overcome anxiety, improve performance quickly and reframe their perceptions for improved outcomes.

With that in mind, please allow me to share three very powerful lessons that can help you, if you are an individual or team in sports

Distractions come in various guises.  These distractions affect performance.

Your reality is only your perception of information of what you think is important at that specific moment in time.

When you shift your perception, performance and outcomes can quickly improve

I see many people struggling about their reality but not taking action.  I know why they don’t take action.  People don’t take action for various reasons including:-
* Lack of confidence
* Lack of understanding
* Enjoying the comforts too much
* Failing to realise their potential
* Fear of failure
* Fear of letting others down
* Uncertainty around change
* Limited beliefs…
If what I’ve written above intrigues you and you’ve thought about improving your reality, know I am actively looking to offer my skills to you.

Get in touch by messeging me and let’s have a chat.



When a team is looking for improvements, either financially or on the field, logic says transfer for a better player is the right move to go.

And in most cases this works out OK but there are some that went horribly wrong

Sol Campbell on his move to Notts County in 2009 and making only one appearance said “The only thing I’m guilty of is taking people at their word” even though he had big dreams

Manchester United paid £10 million to Crystal Palace for Wilfried Zaha with an extra £5 million to be paid if the move was successful! It wasn’t!

These players were good, if not great at their former clubs but that doesn’t always equate to success in another place so I’d like to suggest the following, before a decision is made.

When anyone moves to a new situation, there is a period of figuring things out. Each player has their personalities, beliefs, values and expectations and if any of these aren’t being met in the new environment, their performance on the pitch is going to suffer.

Imagine an introverted player coming to a new team. A quiet player but with plenty of skill and ability. Should this player be exposed to situations against his personality, there is a strong likelihood his performance will drop and the transfer be a bust.

The value of the transfer will only be judged on the performance on the field, which is influenced by the player’s life off the field.

Think about it – 90 minutes a game, perhaps two games per week and up to five hours training a day over three days – that’s around 18 hours playing football a week. What will they be doing for the other 150 hours?

There’s a lot of time to fill and if that time isn’t filled with supportive, nurturing and relaxing times, the player can be distracted by negativity and thoughts that are detrimental to their performance and mental health. The player may think the worse.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote by Einstein that goes

“Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish in its ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing it is stupid”

Some players get put in the wrong environment for them to thrive.

Perhaps clubs and players can spend more time forming a strategy to figure out the player’s expectations, beliefs and values, rather than just focus on the business side of the game?

Do you know a player that was a bust?

I welcome your thoughts and ideas and invite coaches to get in touch


If you want your team to improve in the new year, you must read this

Before the dawn of a new year brings in an anticipation of success and change there are a couple of things you need to know…

A team is only as successful as their actions.

Let me elaborate…

Every successful team needs a goal, a vision to strive towards.

I’m not just talking about profits if you’re in business or wins if you’re in sports.

I’m talking about the powerful actions that create real change!

When you don’t have a vision, your team will lose their purpose and motivation and when these two key components are lost, their actions will be detrimental to the team.

When a person feels they don’t have a purpose or lacks motivation what do they do?

That’s right, They quit or look for another team.

Are you part of a team lacking a purpose and motivation?

Are you a leader in business or a coach in sports and the results aren’t in your favour?

Then it’s time to do things differently.

Here are three changes of action you can do, starting in the new year that will change your purpose, motivation and therefore outcomes quicker than you believe!

  1. Don’t aim for the end result and expect to hit the end result. When you tell your team to hit targets or go get the win, you’re forgetting the most important rule when it comes to motivating people. People need to feel valued and have a purpose.
  2. People feel valued and have purpose when they are allowed to express their ideas and concerns. By creating a forum where ideas and concerns can be expressed without the fear of judgment or criticism, but rather expressed with encouragement, support and positivity, there will be a shift in focus and productivity.
  3. When people are allowed to express their ideas and concerns, not only do their value and purpose increase, but the solutions to the issues and challenges can be found

Are you unsure about this? Does this look like something you like the idea of but fear taking action to make it happen?

Perhaps you’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel valued and have purpose because it’s been so long?

When presented with something new there’s always a sense of the unknown and with the sense of the unknown comes non-action. All you will do is allow this idea to fall by the wayside and allow your current struggle to continue, hoping something will change and tolerating your situation.

Hoping and tolerating will only keep you in that stagnant, good for nothing, ‘what’s the point’ place of mind and action and as a human, you deserve so much more than that.

If you like the idea but unsure what to do, let me leave you with this…


If after reading this and you recognise you are an individual or team struggling in some way, and you still can’t make a decision to improve, please get in touch. I can talk you through the process. It’s much easier than the thought you’re having right now.

If you’re an individual needing to make a change to your situation and you want results quickly, you can apply to join the fast track program by clicking here




You battle back and forth with a thought, trying desperately to figure out the best thing to do.

You think you’ve landed on a solution but then you um and ah, and change your mind.

Before you know it, you throw your arms up in the air and end up not making a decision!

This only makes you more frustrated and that thought keeps coming back to bite you on the ass!

With Christmas just a couple of days away, is there something that needs your attention but you procrastinate about making a decision?

Do or do you not visit the in-laws?

Do you or do you not get in touch with friends you’ve not seen for ages?

Do you or do you not stick to your diet?

Do you go for the audition or not?

Do you ask for a transfer or not?

Do or do you not choose to take control of your procrastination problems?

Here are some perspectives to help you…

  • Make a decision and allow the consequences or rewards to present themselves
  • Accept the consequences and reflect on what you can do differently next time
  • Accept the rewards and celebrate your decision
  • Never make a decision from an emotional perspective
  • You can control what you think and do, but you can’t control what others think and do – If you worry about what others will think, remember you can allow yourself to take control for what you believe is right
  • In time your confidence in making decisions will strengthen

All you need to do now it take action.

Take it easy



Are you a professional sport person, in the public eye or organisation with mental health on their agenda?

It’s time to take steps forward in the battle to tackle mental health.

After in depth research and experience, it’s time to look at mental health from a new perspective.

If you’re struggling with mental health or want to address mental health as part of your agenda, then this video is a must watch!

I invite you to leave your thoughts and ideas to create discussion around this topic

Become who you want to be

Tell me what’s going on in your head

The issue and topic of mental health is one that needs constant attention because there are some people that have yet to understand what they can do to help.

In this short video, I talk about some ideas that can be implemented immediately to help those who are suffering.

Please comment and share with your community because sometimes there are people who hide their struggles well, and this may help them reach out.


The phrase you need to learn if you’re in the public eye

There are times in my life when I really don’t give a fuck!

Thinking about others, doing things for others and spending energy others can be very draining at times.

So sometimes I say to myself ‘Fuck it! I’m doing something for me!”

Now if you’re in the public eye or play professional sports, I know you’ve had these thoughts or something similar and I applaud you for having those thoughts.

Part of you will be thinking of self-preservation, while part of you will be thinking of your career and not wanting to piss certain people off…just in case.

Self-preservation or self-compassion is an act that is often overlooked as you get caught up in the expectations others put on you.

Public appearances, interviews, guest speaking, media sessions etc can all take their toll on you.

Yes, you will have obligations through certain sponsors, and agreements but you also have an obligation to look after yourself because when you aren’t operating at a level that gets the best out of you, others will begin to judge you negatively and when that happens, it can be a slippery slope to something much worse.

You can also get caught up in pleasing others, because you feel your livelihood is in their hands.

If you’re struggling to create a balance between self-compassion and the obligations you have, then perhaps it’s time to sit back and say ‘fuck it!’ while you take stock of what’s important to you and your values.

A wise man once said…

“A selfish mind is only the perception of those who treat you as an asset.”

Perhaps you need to realign your values and what you currently have on your plate.

Perhaps you aren’t giving enough?

Perhaps you are giving too much?

Perhaps it’s just time for a little break?

Whatever it is you need to do to find a balance in your life, I urge you to take action so you can continue to be the best you can for yourself and those important in your life.

Do you need to find a balance?

Is there something you need help with?

Please message me privately if you want things to change.

Take it easy



Two great pieces of advice from young footballers any youngster should pay attention to

Over the past few days I was honoured to connect with a couple of young football players as they had been reading my blog posts and found some value in the content.

These eager players gave me their permission to ask them a variety of questions and I want to bring your attention to the answers they gave to three questions.

These three questions cover three major aspects of football,

  • Highlights
  • Problems
  • How to succeed

The intention of this blog post is to help younger players understand the ups and downs of football so they can make adjustments where needed and live a life they deserve.

Question 1 What is your highlight of your career?

Player 1 said – “When I played against Barcelona, Villareal, Celtics, Bristol City lots of more”

Player 2 said – “My highlights was playing in cameroon ligue 1 in 2015/2016 seeing the strong level of players there and also played with the cameroon world cup legends of 1990/1994/1998.
Another highlight is winning the mongolian cup and league runner up in 2012.”

The answers to the next question got my attention.

Question 2 Do you know of any struggling professional players?

Player 1 said – “Yeah I’ve seen it and I’ve talk to few of them which also helped my mentality in my young age.”

Player 2 said – “Yes there are many pro players who are struggling and it affects their mental health as well. Football can be a cruel game and many people /fans dont see the other side of it.”

I’m very aware of the mental health issues players have and for a young player to understand this, tells me he’s got a caring nature and an observant attitude.

The final question that I’ll share the answers to was great to read and really gives me an idea of their mindsets when it comes to success.

Question 3 – If you could give advice to younger players, what would it be?

Player 1 said – “No matter if you play football or do anything else that can guide you to your future in good way and that’ll benefit you and your family, make sure you keep working hard, getting support from people around you also from yourself. Never never think to give up, set back and start thinking about solutions that’ll come from yourself, big commitments, high dedication, be positive and patience and confidence enough to keep moving forward as when things are against you and remember to not lose your smile”

Player 2 said – “My advice for youngsters is to keep having a positive mindset and the desire to be better and train harder. In football there is always someone training harder than u so to be better and keep up the food chain, you have to keep fighting. End of the day, its how badly you want it at all costs.”

Thank you to the two players that shared their thoughts and I know they are working hard and striving to improve.

Are you a player with some value to share?

Perhaps you want to improve your situation?

Please drop me a message and let’s see what we can do.



Here’s a quick challenge for you.

Next time you’re alone say the word ‘no’ out loud.

You’ll find even the thought of saying it out loud with no-one around feels simple and easy.


Because there’s no potential consequence.

But what happens when you think there’s a consequence?

Saying this little word, becomes a challenge or even impossible!

I worked with an actress a few years ago who had a friend she’d pick up and attend auditions together but it was always her friend that got the part!

She felt she wanted to start going alone so she could practice on her own but was fearful of telling her friend she couldn’t pick her up.

On this particular day during our session, she told me she was due to pick her friend up but she wanted to say no to her.

I listened to her concerns and like anyone she was worried her friend would fall out with her, she would despise her, they would fall out and where would that leave their friendship…

We sat down and worked out a couple of sentences she would use in the phone call to her friend. The call was to plan a time to pick her up.

But this time, it was a call to say she couldn’t pick her up.

My client was nervous and clearly had the weight of the world on her shoulders, but we made a plan.

I can see her now, picking the phone up, dialling and waiting.

When her friend picked up the phone, she exchanged pleasantries before uttering the sentence we had planned.

Guess what happened?

As soon as my client hung up the phone, the relief was clear to see. Her body language was relaxed and she was smiling. She’d made a huge step forward in her personal development and gained back control of her life.

She got a part not too long afterwards.

Saying ‘no’ isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of courage and self-compassion.

Is there someone you want to say ‘no’ to?

Is there a part of your life your want to get back?

Comment below or contact me and let’s create a plan for you

















Now is the time to take four steps to give yourself the best possible chance to survive.

Decide on your vision. Do you want to avoid relegation, finish mid-table or something else?

Once you have decided your vision, you need to look at and accept your reality.

You do this by taking these steps

  • Create a safe, non-judgemental environment in which the coaches can openly discuss their ideas their concerns and what they can do differently from this moment forward.
  • Create the same environment for players and coaches, and allow each player, one by one, to express their ideas, concerns and examples of what can be done differently from this moment forward.

When you have your reality, you consider all the options and implement those that will fit best to support the journey towards your vision.

When you decide what options fit best, you implement them and so the journey up the table begins.

Many players, coaches and teams fail, not because they don’t have the quality players, but the players aren’t encouraged or treated like humans.

The thing is, when we are treated with respect and value, we find motivation to do well.

If we are treated poorly, we become defensive and lack the motivation needed to hope the team and help ourselves.

By simply listening to others then making change, great things can happen.

You don’t need a superstar to win, because any player can become a superstar with the right guidance and opportunity.

If you’re in a relegation spot, provide your players with these opportunities.

As a specialist in mindsets, I would invite you to connect and talk about your concerns and ideas as a player or coach and help you form your plan.