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Why is that giraffe in the picture?

Knowing your creativity

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Improving performance and wellbeing has to be led by you. You have to take the right action and be accountable for your actions as you reflect and adjust and in this blog, I want to share the most powerful aspect of improving performance and wellbeing – your thoughts because it’s your thoughts that drive you to take action/your performance/behaviour

Be aware of your surroundings

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Let me take you through a quick fun exercise that helps you understand your thoughts

Take a few seconds to take action on each suggestion:

Look around – what do you see

Listen to the sounds around you what do you hear

Notice your body position and notice the what you’re leaning on, standing on or sitting on

Place your attention to what you can taste

Move your attention to what you can smell

Our five senses help us interpret the world around us but it’s important to understand we can’t process all five at once…Try it.

We are bombarded by about 11 bits of information per second yet we can only process about 50 bits. Think about that for a moment.  That’s a lot of information we are missing or choosing to ignore.

Why do we ignore bits of information?  Because our minds don’t think they have any purpose at that specific moment in time and it’s the exact reason why you haven’t paid attention to your big toe until now.  Spending time thinking about it serves no purpose.

You’ve been successful at connecting with your external methods of communication using your 5 senses so let’s consider your internal communication system

Your internal communication

Again, take a few seconds to take action on each suggestion

Close your eyes and think about your favourite place, a holiday, a sporting event or with friends or family. It’s entirely up to you

What images do you see?

Staying with your favourite place, what sounds can you hear?

Staying in that place, What do you feel?  Warmth, cold, Comfort?

Is there a taste that connects you to that place

Is there a smell that connects you to that place?

Your external and communication systems will form the foundation for your future learning and will help you understand why you think what you think and why you do what you do, which when it comes to improving performance and wellbeing are very relevant

Now imagine a giraffe in your favourite place! Simply pop it in there.

Did you notice the change in your facial expressions, your emotions and your ability to create thoughts?

Change your thought – change your outcome

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Now you understand your thoughts on a deeper level and how you can change your thoughts, knowing how to improve your performance and wellbeing should become clearer. All you do is change your thoughts. It takes time to learn and just like training physical muscles, it takes time to adjust but with practice, you will find ways to improve quickly

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It’s Christmas


Today is Christmas day and although it’s strange times, know you can appreciate the people around you and the fact you’re alive and gaming has provided you with some ups and down, successes and losses and connected you with people around the world and that in itself is pretty amazing!

What will 2021 bring? Only you know that and allow me to leave you with one little nugget of brilliance

Your thoughts drive you to wherever you focus them as long as those thoughts are realistic.

Your thoughts drive you to behave certain ways but there is a time and place to be conscious of this recipe and today you can give yourself permission to enjoy your family, the food, the company and connect with the people around you

Merry Christmas!

Inner Voice

Athletes – Stop worrying! Be awesome!

The thoughts from an athlete impact on their behaviour and approach to training and games and in team games, how they mould and fit into the concept of ‘team’

I’m fascinated by the way players don’t work as smart as their potential could allow, meaning they perform at a mediocre level at best.

They find a comfort in knowing they don’t have to excel to perform but in the same breathe they know they aren’t the worse on the team so mediocrity is a safe place to be.

I challenge this way of thinking.

If you settle for mediocrity, you’re being judged as such and team mates won’t have a reason to push themselves and when it comes to improving as a team, you need to be pushed to take your team to the next level.

If you’re not going to push yourself you may as well just sit your ass down

These behaviours start with self talk or the inner voice telling the mind to stay safe.

OK, perhaps some athletes like being safe and receiving a salary and staying out of the limelight, but cmon, it gets boring of you’re not challenging yourself or your teamates to improve!

Self talk is an art, internally say the right things in the right tone and good things will happen for you but few athletes understand the power of developing their mind.

They develop them physical and technical abilities over years without knowing their mental strength can grow really quickly in comparison.

I’ve given some tips as to how to approach self talk for athletes.

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