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The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 11

“When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to synergy, interdependence, and deep respect. Both parties make decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best, what is valued most highly.”

Blaine Lee

The short message that had so much power

I’ve been let down in the past.

People have told me they can use my skills and abilities and the opportunity will happen soon, yet fail to produce that opportunity.

This has made me skeptical to offers. About four years ago I stupidly put my faith into one person who pretty much convinced me a new role had been created for me and it would be ready to start in September.

September came and went. He had no answers to me because the creation of the role was out of his hands and although his intentions came from a good place, the reality was, I had relied on this move happening and had mentally prepared to leave my day job. My respect for this person dropped immensely.

History has a sense of repeating itself and about a year and a half ago, another person promised me a role and sold the concept really well but this time I was more cautious.

Although my hopes were raised, my eggs weren’t all in one basket and when the opportunity failed to materialise, I shrugged it off. But my respect for this person dropped.

Something had to change and for change to happen I had to identify the pattern so I could change it. There is a pattern that has three key stages

  • I reach out to others with my ambitions and abilities
  • They suggest an opportunity
  • The opportunity doesn’t happen

The feeling of disappointment when putting my faith into others, hurts and I had had enough.

I needed a mindset shift!

I had to shift from relying on others to make things happen, to relying on myself to make things happen.

This mindset doesn’t come naturally to me and the learning curve has been insightful and eye-opening and over the last few months, I’ve been having conversations with people that see the value in my skills, but rather than rely on them providing me with opportunities, I’ve been suggesting opportunities to them.

Mindset shifts are powerful and although I help others create mind shifts for improved performances, I had to reflect and have a word with myself to create change.

When people let me down now, I quickly put them to one side until they are ready, if ever, to prove themselves to me as that allows me to redirect my energies into my ambitions and growth.

After a phone call lasting about an hour, I learned we had a lot in common and what I offered would be beneficial to their cause.

I put something together based on our conversation and the direction they want to go in and popped it across in an email.

Later on that day, I received a message saying ‘spot on’.

That was all I needed to read.

You may be thinking this blog is a bit ambiguous and you’d be right.

One of the other lessons I’ve learned is to keep things under wraps until the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed.

My journey to become the most sought after sports mental performance specialist is twisting and turning in new ways and I am practicing patience.

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My Journey

The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 10

“Most of us have grown up seeing the world as a place of limitation rather than as a place of inexhaustible treasures.”

Bob Burg

Improving My Performance quickly

We are still in lockdown on Friday 5th of June. I’m at home with my wife and five year old and have managed to sneak away for a few moments.

There are two major moves I made recently, ones I’ve put off because I had doubts in my head.

Something was holding me back from taking action and that something was caused by a block I created years ago so I had to reframe my perception of why I created that block and look at the idea from a new perspective, a perspective from wanting to become the most sought after mental performance specialist.

I realised I created that block when I didn’t really have a vision or direction and the time I would have to put into something I didn’t put much value into, was a waste of my time.

I was limiting my growth and potential

That was then.

My new perception is much more positive and has much more potential value because I now have a clear vision.

Marketing is an art form. It takes a clear and focused mind to create a marketing system that works and to create a marketing system that works involves making decisions and choices and learning from mistakes and celebrate the successes.

I’ve completed my Google Analytics online course and passed and have now integrated Google Analytics into my website.

I’ve launched a targeted Facebook Advert, a sponsored post to attract potential clients to my website.

So I’ll be able to analyse the traffic to my website to see what’s working and what isn’t and adjust when and if needed.

Let’s see what happens!

In sports when you feel there is a block stopping you improving, you have to understand that at some point in the past, you created a perception of a situation, an interpretation of a moment in time, and very quickly formed a belief.

That belief can become part of your psyche and acceptance that that’s just how things are so you navigate around it rather than deal with it.

But when that block is detrimental to your growth, you have to consciously allow your mind to explore what happened when that block was created and give yourself permission to look at that block from a new perspective, that perspective being the here and now.

Blocks can be created in the following ways:-

  • A coach verbally instructing you not to do something
  • A coach giving you a look of disgust or disappointment
  • A coach Losing their trust in you
  • Your inner voice telling you, it’s not worth it
  • Your inner voice protecting you from embarrassing yourself
  • I misinterpretation of an instruction (As my pro basketball client discovered)
  • A sense of feeling lost and unsure (A football client was stuck here)
  • Interpreting a situation where you placed yourself as not worthy…

These examples are not an exhaustive list and there are many other ways that can cause a block in your development, but when you remove these limiting or mistaken beliefs, the results can be amazing!

Your beliefs will drive your thinking and perception of the world so for example If you are a fan of a team that play in red and that team is doing well, you may associate the colour red to success and positivity.

These limiting or mistaken beliefs can occur in life, sports and business so if you feel stuck, frustrated or you’re underperforming, it’s worth finding out what the source is and address it.

I’m about to have a call with a person that has a lot more experience than me in a field I need to learn about. This call will expand my learning but lift me to a higher place of value in terms of giving back to the community, therefore allowing me to learn from the community.

I’ll let you know more about that soon.

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The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 9

“On some dimension or other, every event in life can be causing only one of two things: either it is good for you, or it is bringing up what you need to look at in order to create good for you.”

Deepak Chopra

Coping with Covid

Life has certainly changed!

Personally I feel it changed for the better as I now have more time on my hands and I spend more time with my family, although at times I wish my son was back at school because a five year old is very demanding of attention! Of course I’m joking, but my skills as a parent to deliver homeschooling is severely being challenged!

But with the extra time, I have time to spend deliberately and purposely and try new things that give me leverage and experience towards my goal.

It’s strange being in lockdown as other people are also locked down including all sports across the world so I have to be flexible in my approach because right now, spending money on life changing services isn’t on the minds of the people.

In May 2020, I’m helping four people within Achology, I have two football players I’m helping, three e-sports players I’m supporting and started up my Facebook group called Live With Purpose, a small community that I offer insights and support for people wanting change for the better. All in all I have 9 individual clients and 11 group members.

All in all, I’m very busy.

It’s in May 2020 when I decided to start writing this blog, because I have to keep my mind active and I’ve found reflecting is a great way to re-engage with my self-worth and the value I can offer others.

One great thing coming out of this, albeit a coincidence is the weather. It’s never been as hot meaning I’ve been able to get out on my bike for some quality rides in the countryside.

I’m surrounded by valley’s and hills and lovely countryside and it’s a great feeling cycling through the villages and through woodland enjoying the world around me. It’s therapeutic and relaxing and allows my mind to settle down, something I’m really appreciating.

But I’m also aware some people are struggling and I was told a story earlier about a healthy fireman aged around 30 was struck down by the virus. He and his wife, a nurse, felt they would have a strong immune system because of their active lifestyles yet it seems the virus doesn’t discriminate, sending the fireman to intensive care.

My parents have self-isolated for months and being in the 70’s they have been classed as vulnerable yet my god mum who does no exercise and has dementia caught the virus and shrugged it off at the age of 90!

There doesn’t seem to be any patterns or consistency which can make it even more worrying.

There are three things I’d like to offer to people at this point and although lockdown may have relaxed by the time you’re reading this, the tips will help you in your daily lives

  1. Know you are vulnerable and appreciate those you care about and let go of those who bring trouble or stress to your life
  2. You are worthy of a great life. You have opportunities around you and if you are feeling stuck, now is the perfect time to try new things and discover your true potential
  3. Find a balance within your life that works with you. You are allowed to let things go that feel too heavy or burden you in some way. A balanced life is one of appreciation.

Join me next time to see what developments have occurred and I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 8

“Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information but unlearning old limits.” 

Alan Cohen

Developing The System

In November 2019 I completed my NLP Master Practitioner course and felt a great sense of achievement.

I was invited to join a growing community called Achology. A community of like minded-people that wanted to learn the strategies of improving self or others. I could access courses, take part in discussions but most importantly connect with other people.

I would become part of an online community building connections all over the world and enjoying it, and in the background I was building connections in the world of football.

One of the most powerful messages and life lessons I learned was the power of the mind and knowing we all have the ability to control what we think and therefore what we do or behave so I set about creating a system, a program aimed at professional athletes that were struggling and wanted to improve quickly.

In my younger days I was voted the Most Valuable Player of the England U19 basketball team, meaning for that moment, I was the best player in the country.

To this day, I do wonder what if I had the mental tools to thrive, would things have worked out better for me because I was really shy and I let my basketball do the talking. I didn’t really know how to communication in a way that would allow my ability to go as far as it could.

People guided me and sometimes they led me down the wrong paths and I know this is typical to the young footballers and other athletes today. A young athlete eager to do well, will very rarely question a coach or manager, (the person in charge).

Basketball was my outlet and I believed when I played well, people would like me, which to some extent they did, yet I know now, external praise and appreciation only goes so far when it comes to self-worth and confidence and because I was shy, I didn’t know how to speak to coaches or ask the right questions so the system builds communication into the program.

Just imagine how a team could quickly improve if the players were all encouraged to talk and ask questions rather than do as they are told??!!

Young athletes need to know the value and power the right communication can have, bother verbally and non-verbally.

When I created the system, I reached to a few footballers on LinkedIn and offered to coach them for free to see how the system worked and if they saw the value in it.

Two out of four players I connected with bought into it which leads me to another lesson. As much as I know the program will help any player wanting to improve, not all players have the right attitude and a player will only commit if they are ready. The lesson – rather than chase players to participate in the program, those who didn’t engage I left them to their own devices.

These two wanted to come out of their comfort zone. They wanted to be pushed and challenged, and that in itself will get you places.

So I had two great players learning the system and both saw improvements with one player improving so much a club was about to sign him but then it happened.

The greatest lockdown in human history hit us.



Life changing!

I had a day job and I was put on Furlough, meaning, I didn’t have to work but I would be paid 80% of my salary! Perfect! I could now spend time working on building a reputation and working for free with clients and build something unique for players.

I continued to work with my clients and even expanded my clients to include 3 e-sports players and at this moment in time, I can’t divulge who they are because that’s what we agreed, but I’m hopeful when the e-sports competitions start again, we will be having serious talks about working for the team.

Let’s go back to Achology and the potential to work with other people wanting change because sports wasn’t my only interest. Procrastination is a topic that has interested me for so many years and now I understood the thoughts and actions needed to overcome procrastination, I wanted to help people who suffered from it, so I connected with four people through Achology, a golfer in Scotland, A woman in Switzerland, a woman in New York and a man in India.

During lockdown I was able to practice my growing craft and keep improving my offer all working towards my aim of becoming the most sought after sports mental performance coach.

But there was one thing that I was struggling with – Marketing.

I’ve seen some great marketing but received shit services, but it’s the marketing that attracts you to the product.

I know I’m a great coach because the results speak for themselves and I love to help people overcome the challenges in life and sports that hold them back or affect them in negative ways and I want to offer you an opportunity.

I know there are some people reading this who won’t take the offer up. I know some are sceptical and I know some are stuck in their ways.


If you have an open mind to learning and want to know how to improve quickly for improved outcomes, I invite you to download your free download that includes three tips you can use straightaway.

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The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 7

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.”

Terry Pratchett

The death of a player

The basketball community is a tight knit one and in 2017, one coach I knew, hinted at the suicide of a junior player.

The death of anyone is a sombre experience but when someone takes their own life, I feel the pain of those connect with that person. I have no idea where this emotion came from because I don’t know anyone that committed suicide so perhaps I see it as a waste of a life when I have learned there are always other choices.

But I have to remind myself, the person that died, in that moment only knew of one choice. They couldn’t see any other way to deal with the situation they found themselves.

I do know people that have been taken to the edge and looked at the chasm beneath but decided to give life another go.

I believe it takes more strength to walk away from the act than to actually follow through with it but what message does that say to the loved ones left behind? I don’t have personal experience about the topic so you may ask how I can have such a strong view and you’d be right to ask.

What I’ve learned is each person lives their own unique life and very rarely will even the closest person, know what’s going on in their mind, which leads me to promote the importance and value of understanding one’s mind, so you can build resilience and strength so when challenges present themselves, you know how to think differently so you can act differently.

The teachings of the mind is something that needs to be taught in school because stress and anxiety in teenagers is rising for various reasons that I won’t go into here but suffice to say, I’ve listened to professionals in education and as someone working with disadvantaged youths, I hear a lot about anxiety.

In February 2019 The rate for suicides between children and young people between 15-19 is now three per 100,000 in England, whereas ten years ago it was one per 100,000. Click here for more information

I know an NLP Master Practitioner up in Scotland that delivers sessions to secondary school pupils and it’s my personal opinion, he should be asked to do a lot more to promote NLP in schools because learning the stools and strategies helps young people understand, their thoughts in a positive way.

With the death of the player, I chose to create a CIC or Community Interest Company and offer clubs the opportunity to get the tools to help coaches empower and raise the confidence in their players/humans so the rate of suicides in basketball teams doesn’t increase but self-worth does increase.

I delivered a pilot scheme with one of the local junior teams, but with little interest in continuing the program and a change in coaching personnel it faded. Disappointed I put it to one side. I had yet to master the skills needed to market and promote services in the way to attract the right attention. I allowed myself to become distracted which led to me shifting my focus to football.

I began to reach out to people in football to find out more about mental health and build some connections, speaking with former professional players, coaches and managers. One former player from Manchester United, agreed with what I was trying to do with the CIC and my other work, as did other former players and some of the stories I heard about the treatment of players left me flabbergasted! I was learning more about the professional football game from those who had experienced it first hand.

The program doesn’t just help raise the issue of mental health, but it creates a safe environment that players are encouraged to share their ideas, concerns and examples of what they can do differently with purpose and without being judged, around any topic from mental health to training to meals.

It uses a model called The Inner Circle model, derived from principles from Harvard Business School, NLP and emotional intelligence and if you know any coach wanting to improve the performance and culture of their team, they need to sign up and access the resources.

The program is player centric and right now any coach can find out more here

It’s at this point I need to recap my work all of which I’ve delivered for no personal monetary gain:-

  • NLP Practitioner acquired
  • Helped a pro basketball player improve quickly
  • Designed and delivered a research program based on an Emotional Intelligence program, Evaluating Truth and Credibility.
  • Successfully helped a former GB basketball player understand the concepts and improve
  • Helped a football (soccer) player in New York improve so much she won an MVP and began teaching her academy kids the principles
  • Worked and achieved a degree in Sports Development
  • Founded a CIC called Youth Sport Solutions (I really need to do something with this and if you are involved in a sports academy or a youth team please get in touch)

Around December 2018, I was contemplating bringing a National league basketball mens team back to Bury. The thought was sparked from a conversation I had with a friend about his idea that didn’t materialise, so I had to make a choice. Do it or don’t do it.

I chose to do it and after finding two other people who wanted to help, the three of us became volunteer directors of a National League basketball team. We won the league in our first year, attracted high calibre players through my strategy.

We were on target to win the league (mathematically, no-one could catch us) and then Covid-19 decided to show it’s face.

In November 2019 I scratched an itch I should have scratched back in 2011 after my NLP Practitioner course, and embarked on my NLP Master Practitioner course, partly to prove to myself I could still study and learn and also to give myself more credibility as I felt I was gaining some momentum in football.

I joined a community that gave me hope, that allowed me to connect with like-minded people and instil hope in others.

In my quest to become the leading Sports Mental Performance Specialist, I had the experience and confidence, I just needed one break…

My Journey

The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 6

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Will Durant

My time as a professional assistant coach

Although I was helping improve the performance of athletes, I was struggling to gain a consistent flow of paying clients, in fact, finding one paying client was a challenge in itself!

Life took over, I had a baby with my wife and I fell into a 9-5 role, my dreams shattered, I 95% committed to the idea of never helping athletes again using the skills, I’d paid thousands for. It wasn’t a good feeling.

But in 2015, I took another leap of faith. I’d been following the Manchester Giants and seen their struggles and thought to myself, I could offer some value and contacted the head coach, Jeff Jones about joining the team as his assistant.

It was a decision that made sense to me. Jeff knew me, I knew Jeff and I’d seen his frustrations on the court and felt I could bring something in to create a balance.

But rather than become his assistant, there were changes coming with a new head coach coming in and at the time I had no idea who it was and I couldn’t even guess so when I found out it was an old adversary, and team mate, I was surprised but excited at the same time.

I first met Yorick Williams when I was 15 years old and he a few months younger than me, at a basketball camp run by Jeff Jones, who was a player back then with Manchester. Jeff asked me to show this young raw kid some technical skills and I remember the passion and hunger to improve burning from Yorick’s eyes.

He wanted to know everything about a simple drill. Were his feet in the right position, did he move the right way, was he doing it right?

Yorick went on to be one of the greatest players in British basketball history and holds the record for most three pointers made in league history.

And here we were about 27 years later, our paths crossing again.

I spoke with Yorick and a couple of other people who ran the club and they agreed to take me on board. There was an announcement in the newspapers and I was officially an assistant coach for the professional basketball team The Manchester Giants.

Being in this role needed an adjustment as to how a professional club was run and needless to say, my eyes were opened in ways I’m going to try to explain tactfully.

I came in with a certain set of expectations. Those expectations were quickly shattered.

Perhaps my attitude was based on naivety but things were not aligned in a way that showed a professionalism.

When a player is asked to drive the minibus from Manchester to Glasgow, something isn’t right.

I learned more about the behind the scenes arrangements and expected things to improve and change. I was promised a few things that never materialised and the sense of putting my faith in others and being let down came flooding back.

After three months I’d had enough. I spoke with Yorick about leaving and it was agreed I would leave. I said farewell to the guys and moved on.

The experience taught me a lot. I never see failure, I see opportunity. I never see a sense of quitting, but removing myself from a situation that’s providing no value to me.

My time as a professional coach had value and that value would serve me well in 2019.

But before then something drastic happened in 2017 that took me on a new path of discovery. Something that shook me into taking action because what happened just wasn’t right!

Find out what that was next time.

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The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 5

“To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.”

Stephen R. Covey

The USA connection

Making the call to the USA was new territory for me.

I’d taken some interest in football up to this point. I was a fan, not a hardcore fan but one that could appreciate from a distance, the skills and techniques of the great players like Beckham, Scholes and Jay Jay Okocha.

One of my first jobs back in the 90’s was working for JD Sports in Bolton town centre and every now and again a footballer would come in and buy shoes for their kids. “Super” John McGinlay was a regular.

Jay Jay (so good they named him twice) was a player for Bolton Wanders, a team I followed by default because that was my home town, some of the players visited my shop and when they brought Sam Allardyce in, my expectations grew because I’d read somewhere he was all about improving mental strength and resilience. He had suffered with heart issues due to stress so I knew he had a good reason to do the best he could with Bolton.

He took them to 6th in the Premier league in 2005!

I’d love to work with them now as they only just survived liquidation and now is a great time for them to consider new perspectives on player performance.

Anyway..I digress.

Back to the USA

I needed a player open to trying these new techniques. I knew they worked in basketball and I had a hunch they would work in football.

LinkedIn was the forum I used to find a willing player and after some dead ends, one player returned my message. She was open to trying something new. She was a player, coach and mental skills consultant; perfect for this opportunity.

We spoke on Skpye for about an hour where I firstly thanked her for giving me the opportunity to work with her and explained how the program would work (Speak once a week for about an hour. I’d set her a task and she’d reflect and adjust).

Simple right?

It turned out my hunch was the right hunch and my faith in my abilities came to fruition.

At first, she was sceptical but as the weeks progressed, she saw improved play and won her first ever MVP!

She was keeping a reflective diary, purposely designed to record specific information which allowed to her to see her progression but also worked for me as proof what I was doing actually had some value and benefit.

She was that impressed she worked with 2 ten year olds. One was weaker than the other so she taught the weaker player the techniques and after some time she adapted and was was blocking more shots from the stronger player! These players must be in their mid to late teens now and I’d love to know how they are getting on. They were part of the Rhode Island Rough Riders program in New York.

Through changing her perspective, she was able to improve her performance!

In my head I was becoming excited and creating scenarios. If a sceptical player in the USA can benefit from these techniques, then a player in the English leagues could benefit!

Struggling football (soccer) players could learn these techniques and improve their performance. An improved performance means more respect and kudos which can lead to greater self-confidence, higher value and earning potential and in the crazy world of professional football, players need any edge they can get to survive the reality of the higher leagues.

What now?

OK…I had the research, the academic paper, the proof and a successful pilot study. I’d invested, time and money into creating and building something unique and powerful. Surely a football player or club can see the value in that?

Is this the time I’d become the most sought after Mental Performance Specialist?

I was being drawn back to basketball as I saw an opportunity and went for it!

My Journey

The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 4

“The key to success is failure”

Michael Jordan

What criminals and basketball players have in common – Not what you expect!

After the success with the basketball player and actress, I wanted more but my mentor was letting me down and wasn’t providing the mentorship I expected from such a person; I was losing faith in his ability as a mentor and I’ll always remember a conversation I had with another of his mentees, but this isn’t the place to reveal that conversation.

Instead, I focused on expanding my mind and growing my skill set.

I had graduated from University and was working part time (damn government cutting jobs!) and thought it was the perfect time to build my character and skill set and perhaps another career lay ahead of me in the field of Emotional Intelligence.

The Emotional Intelligence Academy in Manchester was intriguing to me and I went across to an information day to find out what it was all about. I met the Director, Cliff, a great bloke with piercing eyes and after hearing about the ETaC (Evaluating Truth and Credibility) course that trained people in the crime industry identify truths and expose lies by analysing facial expressions, verbal cues and body language, I decided I wanted to learn more.

The science was born from the concepts of Doctor Paul Ekman who later helped consult on a popular TV program on SKY called Lie To me starring one of my favourite actors Tim Roth.

I found it fascinating and seriously considered a new career in this field but I was subconsciously attracted to putting these principles into sport and a thought entered my head as I could see how these concepts crossed over into sports and I now understood why I was such a good player when I was younger.

I had to explore this further because basketball needed solutions…or so I thought. More about this later.

Upon completion of the course and having spent a few days with some brilliant people around the world, I suggested to Cliff I wanted to transfer these theories into sport.

He looked at me with interest and agreed but we had to come up with some proof and data.

We came up with a plan which was to film players in a one on one situation and focus the camera on the attacker. By taking this approach, we could identify ‘tells’ and ‘leaks’ which when analysed and learned could give a defender relevant and purposeful information to help them gain an advantage.

But we needed a minimum number of participants and clips to study and use as evidence and Cliff came up with the number of 200 players and 1000 clips and when I first heard this I was, taken back!

Erm. What now!

I did a quick mental calculation in my head that involved recalling how many coaches and players I knew, my reputation in basketball and concluded I could pull it off.

I messaged my contacts and had a great response from players and coaches from professional to National league and amateur and all agreed for me to pick a time slot of around 15 minutes to come down to their training sessions and set up and film.

I had a mobile phone that I did the recording on but soon discovered this wasn’t enough and so Jordan, the son of Cliff who worked at the Academy, lent me a top camera which was a blessing!

Over three months, I travelled around the North West of England filming, reacquainting myself with players and coaches and really enjoying the process.

I remember one day after I’d canned some footage, taking it to the Academy and watching it back on the huge TV screen they use to really focus on the facial expressions. Having such a huge screen really does help identifying ‘tells’!

I had 1000 clips (well, 998 as two clips became corrupted) to analyse and break down so I started the arduous task of watching, pausing, rewinding each clip and making notes of what I observed without judging and after five weeks of intense focus, I had some results and backing up my theory as to why I was such a good player – I read body language and facial expressions really well.

Jordan helped co-write an academic paper (Click here to access it) and now I had to build a training program so I could help others.

I offered it to The National Governing Body of Basketball and even had a meeting with the head of coaching but it went nowhere! I felt exasperated! After all the effort I’d put in and knowing the level of British basketball wasn’t great and something needed to be done, why dismiss this new and powerful training program?

As part of the pilot scheme, I worked with former GB player Devan Bailey who saw and felt the improvements straight away!

I questioned why, and felt British basketball had let me down on two occasions now but I was learning a valuable lesson.

Even if a solution is staring you right in the face, unless you believe there is a problem, you won’t accept or reach out for help.

Mike Nichols

Sometimes life has a way of telling you to stop doing what you’re doing and to do something else.

It was 2014. I married and was working full time in Halifax/Leeds as a trainer, delivering training for the unemployed, integrating NLP and emotional intelligence concepts into my programs of delivery and was falling into a life of routine with the exception of working with a golfer wanting help with his putting. He continued to grow and win and is now pro and has been for about a year. He kindly said he’d recommend me to other athletes who are struggling.

I spent some time completing a Mindfulness course, A tutoring course and a teaching course so up-skill myself as I felt I needed to keep my mind occupied but something was missing. I had all these new skills and wasn’t doing anything with them. I was frustrated and mad at myself.

But then I had an idea!

I was inspired!

Football is like basketball in many ways, a team sport, defence and offence, close proximity to your opponents. Plus football has the money to invest. Perhaps…just perhaps football would be my saviour!

Find out next time how a call to the USA gave me hope!

My Journey

The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 3

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”

Albert Einstein

What the actress said to the…

It was still 2013 and I’d helped a professional basketball player improve his scoring in an unbelievable manner and I was hungry for more success.

I assumed because I had helped a professional player improve, there would be people knocking on my door asking to help. This player had also played for England and England, and indeed the GB players could be doing better.

Was I under the radar, did the teams have other agenda’s to improve performance or were they skeptical of my strategies? I’ll never know!

So I reached out to other people in the world and had three successes using NLP strategies and let me share with you the one client that felt the biggest shift.

I was approached by an actress, I can’t for the life of me remember how we connected, but her issue was one I had been trained to overcome and I was eager to help her.

She made it clear, when I visited her house, she shared with her husband, he wasn’t to know she was taking these sessions and so we had to coordinate an hours time slot over six weeks. She felt he may scoff at this type of help.

She would learn her lines for auditions, yet when she stood in front of three, maybe four people involved with casting, she panicked, lost focus and forgot her lines. She was divested at this recurring outcome.

This irrational fear was limiting her potential as she was creating a negative dialogue in her mind which was creating the emotion of fear and panic, leading her to fluff her lines.

We completed the Timeline strategy which got some movement from her, but it was another conversation we had that opened up some valuable information we had to explore further and deeper.

She had a friend. The actress had an underlying issue with this friend which was creating a block and that block was linked to her forgetting her lines.

Her friend would call her and ask to pick her up for auditions, but the actress was getting sick of it; plus her friend tended to get the roles over her. She was in direct competition with her friend.

She was tired of saying yes to her friend and wanted to learn to say ‘no’.

We talked and as I learned more about the actress, we formed a plan which included a strategy to help her say ‘no’ to her friend for the first time.

You may think saying no to someone is easy. Logically it is. But when you attach a fearful thought and emotion to that action, saying no can be the hardest thing to do in the world as we fear the worse.

So we prepared a dialogue both internally and externally until she was ready and I had her back.

She picked up the phone and dialled the number. As she dialled, I could see her tense up. Her shoulders lifted, her eyes widened and she looked imbalanced.

It was ringing!

We looked at each other and I gave her a look of confidence and when her friend picked up the phone, she went straight into character.

I heard every word and as soon as she hung up, her shoulders dropped as though a burden had been lifted and a huge smile came across her face!

She text me a few days later saying she’d got a part and was ecstatic!

NLP is powerful in so many ways as this actress learned and appreciated.

There is a simple formula that many people and coaches will tell you.

An Event leads to a thought, which leads to an emotion which leads to behaviour/actions/performance.

Event – Thought – Emotion – behaviour

It’s these four words that, when you’re ready to make change in your life, you need to understand and begin to become self-aware and learn to change your thoughts.

Although I had success with the actress, I wanted more and was thirsty for knowledge.

Find out next time why I travelled around the North West of England to film 200 basketball players.

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My Journey

The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 2

“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”

Michael Jordan

When I got back home…

Something wasn’t sitting right with me.

Before I was leaving to head home and just before Ali made the comment about me being a great NLP Practitioner, he was waiting in a room with his staff, I believe his business partner and his PA and I went in and asked if there was anything I could do for him.

I was a little bit star struck as he presented himself as a celebrity Life Coach and had worked with Kelly Rowland and others and he talked the talk so I was happy to help him out and I thought showing my eagerness would show him I was serious about making a go of this NLP career.

But on my way back after completing the task he asked me to do, I turned the corner to the room and was met by faces that looked like they had just been caught discussing me behind my back. You know that sudden silence and blankness?

In hindsight, I should have said something but what do you say in those moments?

I left it, did what i needed to do and made my way back home.

NLP was new and exciting and I was eager to try it out and follow his instructions on how to make it in the self-development world.

This was it! This was the start of something special. I’d take my new skills, begin to help people, they would pay me handsomely and the world would be a better place.

But I had other things going on and my focus wasn’t as great as it could have been. I had applied to become a Games Maker for the 2012 Olympic Games and I was travelling down to London for Test Events and training. For a year I was part of the Process and in 2012 I was selected to be a basketball Games Maker filling the Field Of Play role, meaning, I was to be courtside for games! I had one vision for that Olympics which was to be sat court-side for the men’s final and I was determined to make sure it happened.

It was the night before the final and up to now I had been a professional volunteer and created memories and friends that I cherish even today. Watching the best players in the world compete close up was unreal!

One of the volunteers, Craig and I sat in a bar and talked about the final as we had both been selected to volunteer that game and we both knew the positions would be posted in the morning. We wanted to be posted in positions we wanted to be in. So we decided to text the manager and let him know the exact spots we wanted to accompany in the second half and waited.

The next morning as we checked the list, we broke out in huge smiles!

For the men’s final I was sat mid-court watching the USA take on Spain. I kept shifting my vision from the court to the people behind me, specifically the area where VIP’s were gathered including Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Stern,Boris Johnson and I believe David Beckham and Mark Zuckerberg. I sat still, taking in the atmosphere and feeling great because I took action to make this moment happen.

In 2013, I got a new lease of life and a focus.

I’m a basketball player and coach, so helping basketball players was first on my agenda. I started to research and found a newspaper column in the local paper the Manchester Evening News, written by a current player on the Professional basketball team The Manchester Giants.

I had a connection with the team, a friend who was the physio but also to the coach, Jeff Jones, whom I’d known for about 20 years. I knew a few of the players as well.

He told the readers he was struggling and wanted to get out of his slump, so naturally I reached out to him and we agreed to chat on the phone. I’d implement the NLP strategies I’d learned and it was this conversation that led to him writing an article on how he turned his game around.

Not only did he go from averaging 5 points a game and struggling, he exploded for 20 points and hit 100% from the field, a rarity in basketball!

But don’t take my word for it…read his column here.

After you’ve read the article, join me next time in part 3 as to why I hooked up with an actress!

Has the quick improvement of an athlete intrigued you?

Would you like to know how?