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Coach the Coach

Coach your clients from anywhere

In 2013, Mike helped a professional basketball player get out of a shooting slump. He was averaging 5 points a game and posted his frustrations in his newspaper column. Mike reached out to him, offering to work with him which led to him exploding for 20 points and hitting 100% from the field! This was Mike’s first time using the NEAT principles.

Over the years Mike has helped people in sports, business and life to overcome their challenges to improve their lives and results.

During Covid-19, Mike took time out to reflect and spent time honing and fine-tuning his system and now has a mission of attracting passionate people with a coaching or personal-development certification to learn the NEAT system and help others around the world in sports, business and life and earn money from coaching.

Have you a personal development certificate, such as life coaching or NLP?

Are you considering taking your new skills to the next level and helping people?

Do you want access to a proven coaching system and like the idea of receiving 1-2-1 support?

The NEAT Coach the Coach programme is for certified coaches wanting to learn a proven system and receive support to help understand their value as a coach and in turn attract their ideal clients.

We strive towards a work/life balance, believing quality over quantity which is why we deliver our coaching 1-2-1 with clients and coaches.

Book a call with Mike, the creator of the NEAT program and discover if this option is right for you.

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