Leadership Coaching

Here at EliteSportsMinds23 we understand leading brings challenges and there needs to be a new approach to leadership coaching


Leadership development Coaching is an increasing issue for organisations around the world.

Ignoring the issue is only going to see the gap widen and organisations are going to face tougher pressures to address it as time goes on.

Organisations need to think about new approaches so that they are able to face a future that is rapidly depending on developing a workforce to be more productive otherwise they risk becoming obsolete

Becoming a more effective leader often requires changing behaviour. But although most organisations recognize that this also means adjusting underlying mind-sets, too often these organizations are reluctant to address the root causes of why leaders act the way they do.

Doing so can be uncomfortable for business owners, managers, and Directors—but if there isn’t a significant degree of discomfort, the chances are that the behaviour won’t change.

Just as a coach would view an athlete’s muscle pain as a proper response to training smarter, leaders who are stretching themselves should also feel some discomfort as they struggle to reach new levels of leadership performance.

Identifying some of the deepest, “below the surface” thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and beliefs is usually a precondition of behavioural change—one too often shirked in development programs.

Promoting the virtues of delegation and empowerment, for example, is fine in theory, but successful adoption is unlikely if the program participants have a clear “controlling” mind-set (I can’t lose my grip on the team; I’m personally accountable and only I should make the decisions).

It’s true that some personality traits (such as extroversion or introversion) are difficult to shift, but people can change the way they see the world and their values.

Our Belief In You

We believe there is power and a deep connection through one-to-one coaching in the comfort of your own space, wherever that may be.

We believe you deserve to be listened to with integrity and trust WITHOUT the fear of being judged or criticised.

We believe you deserve the opportunity to explore your thoughts and ideas to identify misalignments that affect your leadership.

We believe you have the ability to understand new concepts and perspectives because you want change for the better.

We believe you deserve to have access to one of the most forward thinking coaching programmes around

Have you had time and space to reflect on your current reality and have you concluded you want to improve but unsure where to start?

Then now is the perfect time to consider how Elite Sports Minds 23 can support your growth and development in your role as leader.

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