Client Results

Thank you for submitted your enquiry. We will be in touch shortly and in the meantime, here are just a few of former client comments and growth…

“Just read it Mike. I love it, there is all the stuff ive been wanting to learn about.” – Male Football (soccer) player

“All because of you helped me to increase my strength as both mentally and physically to carry on trying out things” – Male Football player

“Hi Mike, thank you so much for all the help🙏🏾🙏🏾” – Male Football player

I am continuing to apply the technique without much thought needed.” “I won my first ever MVP!” – Female football player

Definitely since I first spoke to you I haven’t felt any negative thoughts or anxiety completely at all which is fantastic!” – Male Football player

Yes, can definitely recommend with golfers or other sportsmen, it can help anybody improve in their sport – Pro golfer

“I hit the (golf) ball 4mph faster since we spoke” – Golfer

The amount I’ve improved the last month is CRAZY! Your help is honestly incredible” – E-Sports Pro


This former premier league player, had lost his focus. He had fallen down from the premier league to the lower leagues.

He had an idea why he had and he now saw an opportunity as his last chance to make it.

We talked in depth about his attitude, his work ethic, his perceptions of others, his frustrations and what he wanted to accomplish.

He managed to change his focus and built up a positive relationship with the coach and signed a new contract


A professional basketball player, known as a shooter was only averaging only 5 points a game. He was frustrated. He needed help quickly!….read how I helped him by clicking this link


This lady was struggling to remember her lines in auditions. She kept on losing the part to other actresses including a friend of hers.

There were two things she wanted to accomplish. Be offered a part through remembering her lines.

Build her confidence and learn to say ‘no’ to her actress friend as she felt she was taking advantage of her.

I remember the phone call she made to her friend. She was nervous as she held the phone in her hand, almost shaking. Yet when she spoke the words we had rehearsed, her shoulders fell, she smiled and moved on!

In four weeks she accomplished both!