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Intro and Discovery Call

Book your call below using the calendar. I want to know what you’re struggling with, what you want to accomplish and how accomplishing that will change things for you. If during the call you realise you want to hire me, I can help you select a package that works for you with some typical examples given below. You will receive a bespoke service tailored to your unique circumstances

Results Driven Coaching

My most successful results come from 1-2-1 discreet coaching and I believe clients get results quickly using this method because I can really listen to you without distractions and understand you on a level that no-one else can. This premium service is the choice you make when you need results quickly

Group Coaching

Using the principles derived from Harvard Business School, I adapted the process to fit the context of sports teams wanting to improve communication and results. When communication improves, a deeper connection between players is formed and when this happens, a team can seem almost in synchronicity which is a powerful way to perform against opponents that are less prepared. The Inner-Circle solution is the one for you.

Inspired Workshops

A series of 7 workshops up to an hour with your team of up to 7 team members tackling the issues that matter to you most to remove barriers to improving and help each individual come to terms with their own unique issues with solutions almost appearing by magic through the powerful 7-pillars-of-growth model

Powerful Reverse Mentoring

This next-level service provides the leaders of the organisation unique insights and builds trust, integrity and honesty for immediate impact creating a winning culture and one that will set your organisation up for success, even in times of adversity