My Journey

The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 9

“On some dimension or other, every event in life can be causing only one of two things: either it is good for you, or it is bringing up what you need to look at in order to create good for you.”

Deepak Chopra

Coping with Covid

Life has certainly changed!

Personally I feel it changed for the better as I now have more time on my hands and I spend more time with my family, although at times I wish my son was back at school because a five year old is very demanding of attention! Of course I’m joking, but my skills as a parent to deliver homeschooling is severely being challenged!

But with the extra time, I have time to spend deliberately and purposely and try new things that give me leverage and experience towards my goal.

It’s strange being in lockdown as other people are also locked down including all sports across the world so I have to be flexible in my approach because right now, spending money on life changing services isn’t on the minds of the people.

In May 2020, I’m helping four people within Achology, I have two football players I’m helping, three e-sports players I’m supporting and started up my Facebook group called Live With Purpose, a small community that I offer insights and support for people wanting change for the better. All in all I have 9 individual clients and 11 group members.

All in all, I’m very busy.

It’s in May 2020 when I decided to start writing this blog, because I have to keep my mind active and I’ve found reflecting is a great way to re-engage with my self-worth and the value I can offer others.

One great thing coming out of this, albeit a coincidence is the weather. It’s never been as hot meaning I’ve been able to get out on my bike for some quality rides in the countryside.

I’m surrounded by valley’s and hills and lovely countryside and it’s a great feeling cycling through the villages and through woodland enjoying the world around me. It’s therapeutic and relaxing and allows my mind to settle down, something I’m really appreciating.

But I’m also aware some people are struggling and I was told a story earlier about a healthy fireman aged around 30 was struck down by the virus. He and his wife, a nurse, felt they would have a strong immune system because of their active lifestyles yet it seems the virus doesn’t discriminate, sending the fireman to intensive care.

My parents have self-isolated for months and being in the 70’s they have been classed as vulnerable yet my god mum who does no exercise and has dementia caught the virus and shrugged it off at the age of 90!

There doesn’t seem to be any patterns or consistency which can make it even more worrying.

There are three things I’d like to offer to people at this point and although lockdown may have relaxed by the time you’re reading this, the tips will help you in your daily lives

  1. Know you are vulnerable and appreciate those you care about and let go of those who bring trouble or stress to your life
  2. You are worthy of a great life. You have opportunities around you and if you are feeling stuck, now is the perfect time to try new things and discover your true potential
  3. Find a balance within your life that works with you. You are allowed to let things go that feel too heavy or burden you in some way. A balanced life is one of appreciation.

Join me next time to see what developments have occurred and I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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My Journey

The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 8

“Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information but unlearning old limits.” 

Alan Cohen

Developing The System

In November 2019 I completed my NLP Master Practitioner course and felt a great sense of achievement.

I was invited to join a growing community called Achology. A community of like minded-people that wanted to learn the strategies of improving self or others. I could access courses, take part in discussions but most importantly connect with other people.

I would become part of an online community building connections all over the world and enjoying it, and in the background I was building connections in the world of football.

One of the most powerful messages and life lessons I learned was the power of the mind and knowing we all have the ability to control what we think and therefore what we do or behave so I set about creating a system, a program aimed at professional athletes that were struggling and wanted to improve quickly.

In my younger days I was voted the Most Valuable Player of the England U19 basketball team, meaning for that moment, I was the best player in the country.

To this day, I do wonder what if I had the mental tools to thrive, would things have worked out better for me because I was really shy and I let my basketball do the talking. I didn’t really know how to communication in a way that would allow my ability to go as far as it could.

People guided me and sometimes they led me down the wrong paths and I know this is typical to the young footballers and other athletes today. A young athlete eager to do well, will very rarely question a coach or manager, (the person in charge).

Basketball was my outlet and I believed when I played well, people would like me, which to some extent they did, yet I know now, external praise and appreciation only goes so far when it comes to self-worth and confidence and because I was shy, I didn’t know how to speak to coaches or ask the right questions so the system builds communication into the program.

Just imagine how a team could quickly improve if the players were all encouraged to talk and ask questions rather than do as they are told??!!

Young athletes need to know the value and power the right communication can have, bother verbally and non-verbally.

When I created the system, I reached to a few footballers on LinkedIn and offered to coach them for free to see how the system worked and if they saw the value in it.

Two out of four players I connected with bought into it which leads me to another lesson. As much as I know the program will help any player wanting to improve, not all players have the right attitude and a player will only commit if they are ready. The lesson – rather than chase players to participate in the program, those who didn’t engage I left them to their own devices.

These two wanted to come out of their comfort zone. They wanted to be pushed and challenged, and that in itself will get you places.

So I had two great players learning the system and both saw improvements with one player improving so much a club was about to sign him but then it happened.

The greatest lockdown in human history hit us.



Life changing!

I had a day job and I was put on Furlough, meaning, I didn’t have to work but I would be paid 80% of my salary! Perfect! I could now spend time working on building a reputation and working for free with clients and build something unique for players.

I continued to work with my clients and even expanded my clients to include 3 e-sports players and at this moment in time, I can’t divulge who they are because that’s what we agreed, but I’m hopeful when the e-sports competitions start again, we will be having serious talks about working for the team.

Let’s go back to Achology and the potential to work with other people wanting change because sports wasn’t my only interest. Procrastination is a topic that has interested me for so many years and now I understood the thoughts and actions needed to overcome procrastination, I wanted to help people who suffered from it, so I connected with four people through Achology, a golfer in Scotland, A woman in Switzerland, a woman in New York and a man in India.

During lockdown I was able to practice my growing craft and keep improving my offer all working towards my aim of becoming the most sought after sports mental performance coach.

But there was one thing that I was struggling with – Marketing.

I’ve seen some great marketing but received shit services, but it’s the marketing that attracts you to the product.

I know I’m a great coach because the results speak for themselves and I love to help people overcome the challenges in life and sports that hold them back or affect them in negative ways and I want to offer you an opportunity.

I know there are some people reading this who won’t take the offer up. I know some are sceptical and I know some are stuck in their ways.


If you have an open mind to learning and want to know how to improve quickly for improved outcomes, I invite you to download your free download that includes three tips you can use straightaway.