My Journey

The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 2

“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.”

Michael Jordan

When I got back home…

Something wasn’t sitting right with me.

Before I was leaving to head home and just before Ali made the comment about me being a great NLP Practitioner, he was waiting in a room with his staff, I believe his business partner and his PA and I went in and asked if there was anything I could do for him.

I was a little bit star struck as he presented himself as a celebrity Life Coach and had worked with Kelly Rowland and others and he talked the talk so I was happy to help him out and I thought showing my eagerness would show him I was serious about making a go of this NLP career.

But on my way back after completing the task he asked me to do, I turned the corner to the room and was met by faces that looked like they had just been caught discussing me behind my back. You know that sudden silence and blankness?

In hindsight, I should have said something but what do you say in those moments?

I left it, did what i needed to do and made my way back home.

NLP was new and exciting and I was eager to try it out and follow his instructions on how to make it in the self-development world.

This was it! This was the start of something special. I’d take my new skills, begin to help people, they would pay me handsomely and the world would be a better place.

But I had other things going on and my focus wasn’t as great as it could have been. I had applied to become a Games Maker for the 2012 Olympic Games and I was travelling down to London for Test Events and training. For a year I was part of the Process and in 2012 I was selected to be a basketball Games Maker filling the Field Of Play role, meaning, I was to be courtside for games! I had one vision for that Olympics which was to be sat court-side for the men’s final and I was determined to make sure it happened.

It was the night before the final and up to now I had been a professional volunteer and created memories and friends that I cherish even today. Watching the best players in the world compete close up was unreal!

One of the volunteers, Craig and I sat in a bar and talked about the final as we had both been selected to volunteer that game and we both knew the positions would be posted in the morning. We wanted to be posted in positions we wanted to be in. So we decided to text the manager and let him know the exact spots we wanted to accompany in the second half and waited.

The next morning as we checked the list, we broke out in huge smiles!

For the men’s final I was sat mid-court watching the USA take on Spain. I kept shifting my vision from the court to the people behind me, specifically the area where VIP’s were gathered including Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Stern,Boris Johnson and I believe David Beckham and Mark Zuckerberg. I sat still, taking in the atmosphere and feeling great because I took action to make this moment happen.

In 2013, I got a new lease of life and a focus.

I’m a basketball player and coach, so helping basketball players was first on my agenda. I started to research and found a newspaper column in the local paper the Manchester Evening News, written by a current player on the Professional basketball team The Manchester Giants.

I had a connection with the team, a friend who was the physio but also to the coach, Jeff Jones, whom I’d known for about 20 years. I knew a few of the players as well.

He told the readers he was struggling and wanted to get out of his slump, so naturally I reached out to him and we agreed to chat on the phone. I’d implement the NLP strategies I’d learned and it was this conversation that led to him writing an article on how he turned his game around.

Not only did he go from averaging 5 points a game and struggling, he exploded for 20 points and hit 100% from the field, a rarity in basketball!

But don’t take my word for it…read his column here.

After you’ve read the article, join me next time in part 3 as to why I hooked up with an actress!

Has the quick improvement of an athlete intrigued you?

Would you like to know how?

My Journey

The Journey To Become The Most Sought After Sports Mental Performance Specialist Part 1

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

Back in 2011…

2011 was an eventful year for me. I was half way through a Sports Development Degree at the well known University of Bolton and I heard the government cut funding to most of the Sports Development Jobs! Shit! That’s my plan A out of the window! Now what?

The workings of the sporting mind had always interested me and as I was going through a period feeling lost and unvalued, I found myself walking aimlessly around WH Smiths in Bolton when a colourful book caught my attention.

Perhaps it was my subconscious leading me, fate, or just pure luck but whatever it was, I picked up this book and with a title “Just get on with it”, I just had to get on with it and buy the damn thing!

I read it from page to page in record time and at the back I found a contact email for the author. Instinct told me to reach out to say thanks for the insights, Ive opened my mind to new learnings and it really helped me in my time of need.

Not expecting a response, I left it and was pleasantly surprised to get a reply after about 2 hours.

To cut a long story short, the author, Ali Campbell, (not the lead singer from UB40) suggested I invest into becoming his mentee and as part of that deal, I was offered a place on his NLP Practitioner course up in Scotland.

I’d heard about NLP and at the time was unsure about what it was, how it worked but immediately said yes.

After splashing out a shit load of money, that I didn’t have but considered it a good investment in self development, i planned my trip up to Scotland around my full time studies.

The seven days were packed full of energy, insights, mind blowing strategy and techniques! I was hooked!

The people were amazing and we built strong bonds and I’m still in touch with some of those people today.

But it was our final day when we got to practice on an unsuspecting crowd of 200, I really believed NLP was the answer to my problems.

As I worked my way around the crowd of women, all in attendance to learn how to stop over eating and lose weight, trying to get to people before my fellow NLP Practitioners, I targeted an eager-looking woman and armed with a bar of chocolate, I performed the Compulsion Blowout technique and in just a few minutes, she was repelled by the sight of the chocolate!


Was this for real!?

Or was she just falling into crowd mentality?

Just before I left for the long journey back to Bury, My mentor, told me I was ready to make a career out of helping people using NLP and after I arrived back home to sunny Bury in North Manchester, I focused on establishing myself as a top NLP Practitioner, helping people overcome phobias and changing mindsets.

But something wasn’t sitting right with me…

Join me for part 2 to find out what wasn’t sitting right with me