The real value of Mental Performance coaching for professional football players

Let’s be real!

There are only a select few professional athletes that rise above the average player and seem to leave others in their wake.

But what really makes them so special?

Is it actually their physical ability?

Is it their technical ability?

Or is it their mindset?

I’ll be blunt…

It all starts with their mindset.

Well, specifically it starts with a thought.

This thought leads to an emotion

That ultimately leads to how they behave or more directly, how they perform.

As I mentioned before there are only a select few that reach the pinnacle of their craft.

These players think the right way

So what about the rest of the players?

What about the ones that are being financially rewarded for playing but are mediocre and have worries?

The life of a professional football player is tough and let me tell you why.

Unless you’re an elite player, you’re just a number

You’re just a player making up the numbers on a team and you can be replaced quickly when the next best thing comes along.

You are only one comment or one bad decision away from being relegated to the bench or even being lost to an untimely injury.

Your career can be over in a moment!

Why do you need to know this?


40% of professional football players go bankrupt five years after retiring.

Mental health issues are on the rise

I know…I’ve mentioned these in past blogs

I mention them because this is the reality, your reality as a professional football player

And I want to help you have a long, solid career by thinking the right way.

Let me ask you three questions…

If you knew that by changing your thoughts, your performance and life could improve quickly, would you want to know how?

If you knew by changing your thoughts, your career could be extended and therefore earn more money, would you want to know how?

If you could invest only a months salary for 12 months support, available when you need it most, would you consider that a good investment in yourself?

You are my ideal client if you fulfil at least the following:-

  • You feel under-appreciated
  • You spend too much time on the bench
  • Team mates ignore you
  • You’re hearing rumours about you
  • You feel like something isn’t right
  • You have a desire to be better
  • You have an open mind to learning new strategy that will improve your situation
  • You want a chance to show others what you can really do
  • You are struggling with accepting your current situation

I’m inviting professional players in the premier league and championship to get in touch so I can help you, help yourself.

You don’t want to become one of those players that in the future, talks about their struggles with mental health and money problems.

You don’t want to be that player that had potential but failed to live up to expectations.

You want to be that player that enjoyed a fruitful career and retires with dignity and knowledge they did everything they could to be a success.

Take action now and either share this post with someone that fits my ideal client spec or message me for immediate support.