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Stop struggling as a professional athlete with this free download

You need a way to move from where you are now, to where you want to be and if you don’t have clarity or a system to help you get there, you’ll continue to struggle and be frustrated with yourself, with others and your situation.

But what’s the point in staying where you are?

You’ve realised you’re not in a place of value so why not start making that change now?

Many people who are stuck, fail to move anywhere because they are fearful of change.

They create scenarios around “What if”

What if i get treated differently?

What if they take the piss?

What if I’m not good enough?

What if i can’t do it?

What if I fail?

Not only have I moved away from feeling stuck, I understand you are unique and you are the only one who has lived your life and created the beliefs and values you experience.

But people who feel stuck, take comfort in having a system they can follow which is why I created the NEAT system.

I want you to have this system for FREE to give you insights on how you can become unstuck and begin to move forward.

But before you download the document you need to meet three criteria

  1. Have an open mind to learning
  2. Have a reason for wanting to improve
  3. Have the ability to take action with support

There are too many people suffering because there are fearful so please, allow yourself to remove that fear and begin to make positive changes.

Live with Purpose



Struggling professional football players need to remove this phrase from their thoughts…

When was the last time you heard the phrase “What if…?”

It’s a phrase I use very selectively and only when I’m coaching and for very good reason.

If you’re a struggling professional football player and you find yourself asking the question “what if?” it’s time to reframe your thinking for your own benefit.

Why do I use this term selectively?

The term suggests there is another alternative to what actually happened.

Almost offering a get out clause from the reality by imagining how different things would have been…

“What if I had made that decision instead of the one I made?”

“What if the manager had just given me a chance?”

“What if I hadn’t been send off for that stupid foul?”

“What if my mind was clear, rather than clouded when I made that decision?”

“What if I had a better agent?”

“What if I had scored that goal?”

“What if…?

Many people get hung up on What If and get stuck in the past and blame themselves for those silly decision made in the past and allow the past to affect their decisions in the moment.

They struggle to move on from the past and that affects their mental state, performance and life off the pitch.

Here’s the thing…

We can’t change the past

The future has yet to happen

Yet so many people choose to live in the past or think too much about what may happen.

So our reality and the thing we can control and influence is what’s happening right now in the moment.

Some people call it being mindful, some call it living in the moment, I say it’s keeping it real.

Reality is our only way to improve quickly when things go wrong. Reality is our only way to adjust and choose to make different choices next time. Reality is our lives as we live right now. It’s how we feel, see and hear.

“Reality is where we live”

Allow me to coach and ask this question…

What if there was a way for a struggling football player to reach out in total confidence, to a neutral person, and find the right solutions in their times of need?

What if there was a way to quickly turn your fortunes around, whether it be to get out of a scoring drought, to be a better defender or even improve your life off the pitch?

Would you access that service?

The good news is this – it does exist. I’ve created it.

I created it because mental health issues are on the rise in professional football and 40% of footballers go broke after five years of retiring!

But I’m also aware because this is a new service, there is apprehension, uncertainty and doubt in people’s minds.

So what if there was a way to remove that apprehension, uncertainty and doubt because as much as you want things to change, you don’t want to be made a fool.

What if you could contact me, find out more and discover how to make those changes quickly?

There’s one way to find out….

Get in touch and let’s talk.


Take it easy




How Do you Tackle Mental Health?

What Is Mental Health?

The thing is, we all experience mental health, just as we do physical health

We need to embrace Mental Health

Learn to do things differently when you are low

Celebrate the good times

Appreciate when you’re balanced

When Mental Health is low in others

Offer to listen and ask the question

“Tell me what’s going on in your head”

You don’t need to be qualified to help, just listen without judgement

When you have low mental health

Be Accountable

Know you have a choice…

To speak to someone who will listen without judgement

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