Professional Footballers – The hard truth you need to deal with.

In the highly competitive environment which is professional football, there are some actions that will help you get noticed and there are some actions that will leave you on the bench.

That’s pretty easy to understand right, but there is a bitter pill that’s harder to swallow.

Sometimes things will happen out of your control that you don’t agree with, that don’t seem fair, that make you realise you fucked up and even seem unbelievable.

And when I say unbelievable, I heard one story from a former player, that blew my mind it was so wrong!

It made me realise that there are people in football that corrupt the game so they can thrive.

The players are pawns in a game of chess and at times can feel they have no control in what happens to them and the love for the game they once loved, is slowly withdrawn as they fall into a negative spin of deceit and uncertainty.

Then what happens?

The player gets moved around, lied to and left out.

Their mental health begins to suffer because as much as they try to find the answers, they can’t.

A player struggling with negative mental health is more likely to be left on the sidelines as they are considered a liability!

To me, that attitude is Bullshit!

When a player is suffering from negative mental health, the player needs to be find solutions fast with the support of someone neutral with only the player’s best interest at heart.

Did you know that a person can often overcome mental health quickly when a new perspective is given and accepted?

Did you know the performance of a player can quickly improve when a new perspective is given and accepted?

Did you know a player can thrive and even improve performance and therefore increase their value when they are given a new perspective and accepted?

Of course you didn’t because this simple way of helping players isn’t well known or accepted.

I really don’t care if you are a superstar or an unknown.

To me, you are a person first and people that struggle need help.

They need a new perspective to consider.

I believe we all have the capability to change perspectives.

I believe all people have the solutions inside their minds, if only they know how to access them.

Some players can figure it out by themselves.

But some can’t and it’s those that I am targeting with this post.

I’m an expert at offering new perspectives so a person can begin to thrive and leave negative mental health behind and begin to perform better on and off the pitch.

Do you know a player that needs a new perspective?

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Take it easy



The real value of Mental Performance coaching for professional football players

Let’s be real!

There are only a select few professional athletes that rise above the average player and seem to leave others in their wake.

But what really makes them so special?

Is it actually their physical ability?

Is it their technical ability?

Or is it their mindset?

I’ll be blunt…

It all starts with their mindset.

Well, specifically it starts with a thought.

This thought leads to an emotion

That ultimately leads to how they behave or more directly, how they perform.

As I mentioned before there are only a select few that reach the pinnacle of their craft.

These players think the right way

So what about the rest of the players?

What about the ones that are being financially rewarded for playing but are mediocre and have worries?

The life of a professional football player is tough and let me tell you why.

Unless you’re an elite player, you’re just a number

You’re just a player making up the numbers on a team and you can be replaced quickly when the next best thing comes along.

You are only one comment or one bad decision away from being relegated to the bench or even being lost to an untimely injury.

Your career can be over in a moment!

Why do you need to know this?


40% of professional football players go bankrupt five years after retiring.

Mental health issues are on the rise

I know…I’ve mentioned these in past blogs

I mention them because this is the reality, your reality as a professional football player

And I want to help you have a long, solid career by thinking the right way.

Let me ask you three questions…

If you knew that by changing your thoughts, your performance and life could improve quickly, would you want to know how?

If you knew by changing your thoughts, your career could be extended and therefore earn more money, would you want to know how?

If you could invest only a months salary for 12 months support, available when you need it most, would you consider that a good investment in yourself?

You are my ideal client if you fulfil at least the following:-

  • You feel under-appreciated
  • You spend too much time on the bench
  • Team mates ignore you
  • You’re hearing rumours about you
  • You feel like something isn’t right
  • You have a desire to be better
  • You have an open mind to learning new strategy that will improve your situation
  • You want a chance to show others what you can really do
  • You are struggling with accepting your current situation

I’m inviting professional players in the premier league and championship to get in touch so I can help you, help yourself.

You don’t want to become one of those players that in the future, talks about their struggles with mental health and money problems.

You don’t want to be that player that had potential but failed to live up to expectations.

You want to be that player that enjoyed a fruitful career and retires with dignity and knowledge they did everything they could to be a success.

Take action now and either share this post with someone that fits my ideal client spec or message me for immediate support.


The media and celebrity status – what can be done differently?

Before anyone becomes a celebrity, they are first a human being with desires and a passion to do well at their craft.

Whether it’s acting, presenting or sports, it is their desire to succeed that drives them forward.

As they drive forward, Some others begin to take notice and others see opportunity and it is here where the problems are born.

Some others see opportunity to make money and enhance their own brand and drive their own passion forward through this person. 

Some others think of themselves first. 
Some agents, sponsorships, the press; some have their own agenda.

Some will say they care about the person as their journey forward grows. 

Some only care about making money and making their own living.

The thing is we all have to make a living. 

So how can the relationship between the media and celebrities change
Two things stand out

  1. Celebrities and those in the public eye must have coaching in how to handle changes, challenges and those moments when it seems everything is going wrong. 
  2. Agents, sponsors and the press must understand how to recognise when a person is struggling and back off and show support rather than dismiss them.  They must understand, this person is striving to make a living in the only way they know how, just as they are. 

This change isn’t just about being kind but understanding us humans make mistakes and as much as we love what we do, we don’t always get it right. 

I’m sure there are people feeling guilty after what’s happened to Caroline flack and I say this to those people – if you could change how you spoke or reported on her on social media or the press, what would you do differently? 

Change can happen. Change can be good and change can still provide you with a decent living, doing what you do best, WITHOUT creating an environment of destruction.

If you know of anyone struggling I urge you to pass on my details.



What is Mental Health and what can I do about it?

Embrace Mental Health!

Learn you can do something if you are suffering from low mental health

And you can help someone easily


Just watch this video now


Take these three steps towards a healthier mind and body

Mental health issues are rising!

Physical health issues are rising!

Resilience and ability to overcome challenges are falling!

What’s going on?

Why are people struggling more with life than they were a few years ago?

Is the introduction of social media a cause?

Are poor eating habits to blame?

Is lack of exercise a problem?

I could share statistics and graphs to show you an increase in issues but instead I want you to look around you and listen to conversations around you, in work, in your social circles and in public.

Just today, I overheard people talking about leaving their jobs due to added stress coming from senior management.

I saw a mother stressed out with her young child in the supermarket and have had open conversations with people who openly spoke about their anxiety.

The NHS is struggling, creaking under the pressure of people being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, waiting times are on the increase and just a few weeks ago, targets were not being met.

“Something different needs to be done!”

I believe us humans have an inner strength many of us don’t realise we have.

But rather than focus on drawing out and nurturing that inner strength, that self-compassion and ability to look after our bodies and minds, we allow other insignificant people and situations drag us down.

We fail to give ourselves permission to say no!

We fail to give ourselves permission to say enough is enough!

Let me ask you this – Whatever is bothering you right now, are you willing to do something about it or are you tolerating it to keep the peace?

Has something been bothering you for that long, you know you’ve changed as a person but you believe a sign of strength is to get through adversity?

Fuck that!

You only have one life!

Doing something about it is a sign of strength and courage.

You only get one go at this life so if something is bothering you or you’ve been tolerating something for so long, it’s time to do things differently.

I was speaking with a friend earlier who suffers from nerves during her driving lessons. She’s had many lessons with the same instructor and feels she’s hit a wall. She felt stuck and thinks her nerves are stopping her from feeling ready to be put in for her test.

But here’s the weird thing.

When she consciously gave herself permission to think about changing instructors, she suddenly relaxed and had the best lesson ever!

Even her instructor said so!

Allowing herself to consider a new perspective, changed her mindset and therefore thinking which led to an improved behaviour.

Imagine you’re working in a job you tolerate, perhaps hate, and you’re tolerating it. You’re frustrated but you need to pay the bills. So you crack on but look for jobs.

Then you get offered a job!

That sense of relief can be an amazing feeling and can relax the mind in an instance, just be hearing the words “We’d like to offer you the job”

We have the power within us to change the internal dialogue that allows us to move forward and change for the better.

But very few people know how.

Professional sports men and women feel they have to tolerate situations because getting paid to play sports is all they know; especially footballers and because it’s so competitive, those who are suffering are fearful of opening up or talking about it in case they lose their place in the team or are ridiculed.

So they find themselves in a downward spiral, gambling, staying in their rooms during the day with the curtains closed and even worse…

I want to share with you three tips that can help you improve your situation right now…

  • Ask yourself “What do I want my ideal situation to be?”
  • Then ask “What can I let go of, or introduce to my life to take one step towards that ideal situation?”
  • And finally “When will I let go or introduce that thing to allow myself to take one step towards my ideal situation?”

One step…

One step…

One step…

Please comment with your thoughts and share this blog with your network as you may just help one person out today.

If you want help and advice #tellmewhatsgoingoninyourhead

Take it easy




How Do you Tackle Mental Health?

What Is Mental Health?

The thing is, we all experience mental health, just as we do physical health

We need to embrace Mental Health

Learn to do things differently when you are low

Celebrate the good times

Appreciate when you’re balanced

When Mental Health is low in others

Offer to listen and ask the question

“Tell me what’s going on in your head”

You don’t need to be qualified to help, just listen without judgement

When you have low mental health

Be Accountable

Know you have a choice…

To speak to someone who will listen without judgement

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