In a world where change and challenges present themselves daily, if you’re not equipped to grow, adapt and thrive, life, sports and business can become a struggle and you’ll quickly get left behind. You have to learn to think differently.

Through training and experience, Mike helps people all over the world in life, sports and business find clarity, overcome challenges, unlock their true potential and take action that improves their lives and the lives around them by helping them think differently.

You will reap the benefits of his expertise through personable, elite one-to-one coaching, where a deeper connection is formed allowing Mike and you to explore thoughts, ideas and concerns without the fear or distraction of others knowing your business, then create solutions.

With over 30 years experience in sports including elite player, youth and professional coach, and training and development consultant, he is trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and in emotional intelligence, tutoring, coaching, Mindfulness, Life Coaching, CPD Coaching In The Workplace, and has a degree in Sports Development.

Mike’s vision is to educate, coach and lead people and organisations like you, to understand the value in coaching when it comes to overcoming challenges and finding solutions fast, using the most effective strategy that’s right for your individual needs.

Qatar is an emerging country and Mike is ready to listen to your ideas and needs.

Two Of Mike’s Strategies

Throughout your life and career, you’ve created beliefs around several areas including, values, communication, expectations, reality, and behaviours.

When you’re not getting the results you desire or simply want to improve but are struggling, it’s because there exists in your mind, limiting or mistaken beliefs.

Is it fair that a belief formed earlier in your life, with a mind very different than it is today, in a situation that was very different than the situation you find yourself in now, limits your ability to improve or get results you want?

Mike will identify those limiting or mistaken beliefs, work through allowing yourself to let go of them and reframe your thinking to create a powerful new belief.

Did you know you’re bombarded with about 1 million bits of information per second but can only process about 40?

Does it therefore make sense that out of all the information, there’s a chance you’re missing out essential and powerful bits because your focus is elsewhere?

This filtering process can be demonstrated right now – You are focused on reading this and although it exists, you aren’t focused on your big toe.

You big toe exists, it’s there, it has a purpose, so why weren’t you thinking about it?

Mike’s elite coaching helps you focus on the bits of information you’ve been missing, the powerful bits that exist, and help you integrate new ways of thinking for improved results.

We have solutions that work along side your schedule

Hi, I’m Mike, the founder and lead Master Mental Performance Coach at Elite Sports Minds 23

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I’ve never experienced coaching like this before.

Mostly in the books I’ve read they give you techniques like visualisation, positive self-talk and body language etc which I find useful, but in this program I actually get to know who I am and what I stand for.

I’ve started to realise what are the things that distract me, and the people who negatively influence me. I’ve actually learned to be aware of my thoughts Male Football (soccer) player – Finland

Mike has helped me work out what my next logical and reasonable steps are” – Entrepreneur – Switzerland

Definitely since I first spoke to you I haven’t felt any negative thoughts or anxiety completely at all which is fantastic!” – Male Football player – UK

“I felt so much more comfortable playing in our win over the Plymouth, putting in my best Giants performance so far, shooting 100 per cent and playing better defense than I have previously.

“I expected a better personal performance but nothing this drastic! This is the first time in my 10-plus-year career I’ve scored 20 points and not missed a single shot.” – Pro Basketball Player – UK

The amount I’ve improved the last month is CRAZY! Your help is honestly incredible” – E-Sports Pro – UK

I am continuing to apply the technique without much thought needed.I won my first ever MVP!” – Female football player – USA

Yes, can definitely recommend with golfers or other sportsmen, it can help anybody improve in their sport” – Pro golfer – UK

“Hi Mike, thank you so much for all the help🙏🏾🙏🏾” – Male Football player – UK

On Overcoming Procrastination – “I’m able to take steps with confidence!” – Female In UK

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